Document and Letter sorter for the Modern Office

Traditional lay flat letters sorters are very large, cumbersome and not suited for the modern office environment.  The new Arnos Eco-Tidy Letter Sorter finally offers an attractive and functional sorter and will easily fit on desks and counters because of its unique upright design that has a 70% smaller footprint.  The letter sorter has a strong weighted steel base with non-slip rubber feet and ridged plastic dividers made from 80% recycled plastic.  The dividers will sort and index documents from a-z, Jan-Dec, 01-31 and Sun-Mon.  The Eco-Tidy letter sorter is a compact sorting and filing solution for all offices.  Size: Footprint: 10 x 32cm WxD, Overall Size WxDxH: 16 x 55 x 12cm

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