Better Plan Filing at Lower Prices!

The new economical Hang-A-Plan General Plan Binders / Clamps are an excellent choice for users that want a genuine Hang-A-Plan Australian made plan binder at a great new low price.  Compatible with Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and other similar trolleys including Planhorse, General Binders can interchange between multiple systems.  Customers can experience the benefits of a Hang-A-Plan binder with their existing trolley.

Hang-A-Plan filing and storage systems are recognised as the leader in quality and innovation for vertical plan filing / large sheet storage systems.  Hang-A-Plan systems have multiple innovation and design patents on trolleys and plan binders.

Customers will be surprised by the all new low price for the General Plan Binders compared to other cheaper imported products.   There is now no reason not to use a Genuine Australian Made Hang-A-Plan Binder with your Plan Trolley or Wall Rack.

In order to compete with cheap imports of similar products, Hang-A-Plan has released the Economical General Binder.  The new binder is compatible with other brands of Front Loader Trolley’s including Planhorse.  In comparison to Planhorse clamps, the General binder offers a high quality three-piece clamp for superior strength and ease of use. The General Binder has spring loaded clamp that will instantly open with no fuss and the handles on all binders are centered for easy balanced carrying.  The clamp is made from premium grade silver anodized aluminum with the handle and wing nuts are made from industrial strength fiberglass nylon composite.    Each clamp with hold 100 – 150 A1 – A0 size sheets and indexing is also made easy with two index labels supplied with each binder.  Just like all Hang-A-Plan binders, the General binder has a 10 year Guarantee.

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About Hang-A-Plan:

Hang-A-Plan offers fast, easy efficient filing and storage of plans, drawing, charts, maps, graphics, oversized sheet A4-A0.

How it Works:

Loose sheets are grouped together and securely clamped within a Hang-A-Plan binder for storage on a space saving Trolley or Wall Rack. Each Binder will hold 1 -150 sheets of varying sizes within the full length aluminium clamp. Trolleys and Wall Racks provide clear and easy access to all the stored sheets. It is easy find an indexed binder, flip through the sheets and transport groups of sheets held within the binders.

Hang-A-Plan Benefits:

– Vertical filing saves up to 80% on floor space

– Faster filing, storage or retrieval of sheets

– Secure and carry groups of sheets on Binders

– Flip though sheets held in Binder like a book

– Keep sheets original, no rolling, folding, adding strips

– Hold multiple sheets sizes together in one binder

– Superior strength full length 3-part aluminium clamp

– File twice as fast with patented Quickfile Binders

– Portable trolleys can be moved around office and sites

– 10 Year Guarantee on all Binders

Hang-A-Plan is manufactured in Australia by Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd.

Ph: 03 9583 2254

Free Call:  1800 635 216

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