Hang-A-Plan Quickfile Binders
 Hang-A-Plan Quickfile Binders
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Save time and money by taking the hassles out of filing. The patented QUICKFILE binder allows you to remove and replace plans up to twice as fast thanks to the alignment extension and quick release cam leavers.

Use with Premium, General or Drop Mount Trolleys and Wall Racks.

QUICKFILE Binder Features:

Alignment Extension
One side of the clamp is extended. This improvement allows plans to be placed on the extension and easily guided into the clamp.

Quick Click Filing
Cut your filing times in half. The unique Quickfile cam levers open and close the clamp with a simple “click”. The lever base locks the lever in the closed position. The levers twist for easy clamp adjustment.

Longer Length Clamp
The QUICKFILE binder is designed to hold USA sizes: 36”, 30” & 24” as well as the DIN A0, B1 & A1 sheets.

The index label holder makes it easy to add and replace reference labels on each binder.

Code Description U.O.M CTN
D200A QUICKFILE Binder - A1 Silver Each 5
D200B QUICKFILE Binder - A1 Black Each 5
D201A QUICKFILE Binder - B1 Silver Each 5
D201B QUICKFILE Binder - B1 Black Each 5
D202A QUICKFILE Binder - A0 Silver Each 5
D202B QUICKFILE Binder - A0 Black Each 5


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