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Hang-A-Plan Trolleys & Wall Racks
Hang-A-Plan filing systems allow large amounts of plans to be well organised and easily accessed using only a minimal amount of storage space. Hang-A-Plan can save up to 80% on floor space and cuts filing times by over 75%. Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and Wall Racks provide clear and easy unobstructed access to all plans. Plans are loaded into binders and hang on a trolley or wall rack for storage. All Binders sold separately.
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Hang-A-Plan Binders
Four Plan Binder options to satisfy different requirements for size, cost and use. Choose between the world patented time saving QUICKFILE binder, the original Premium Binder, the new simple and strong GENERAL Binder or the DROP MOUNT Binder.
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Telescopic Plan Tube
Ideal for safe storage and transport of important plans, drawings, maps, etc.
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