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"Ode to the Arnos Fastener" was written and recited by Dame Edna Everage in April 1993 as part of our 50 year celebrations.  The famous Arnos No.3 Metal Paper Fastener is still made locally in Melbourne today. We are now celebrating an amazing 70 years in business, manufacturing and designing products to help organise the office.  We hope you enjoy this piece of our history and have a laugh at the expense of the ARNOS FASTENER.


The new economical Hang-A-Plan General Plan Binders / Clamps are an excellent choice for users that want a genuine Hang-A-Plan Australian made plan binder at a great new low price.  Compatible with Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and other similar trolleys including Planhorse, General Binders can interchange between multiple systems.  Customers can experience the benefits of a Hang-A-Plan binder with their existing trolley.


Hang-A-Plan filing and storage systems are recognised as the leader in quality and innovation for vertical plan filing / large sheet storage systems.  Hang-A-Plan systems have multiple innovation and design patents on trolleys and plan binders. 


Customers will be surprised by the all new low price for the General Plan Binders compared to other cheaper imported products.   There is now no reason not to use a Genuine Australian Made Hang-A-Plan Binder with your Plan Trolley or Wall Rack.


In order to compete with cheap imports of similar products, Hang-A-Plan has released the Economical General Binder.  The new binder is compatible with other brands of Front Loader Trolley’s including Planhorse.  In comparison to Planhorse clamps, the General binder offers a high quality three-piece clamp for superior strength and ease of use. The General Binder has spring loaded clamp that will instantly open with no fuss and the handles on all binders are centered for easy balanced carrying.  The clamp is made from premium grade silver anodized aluminum with the handle and wing nuts are made from industrial strength fiberglass nylon composite.    Each clamp with hold 100 – 150 A1 – A0 size sheets and indexing is also made easy with two index labels supplied with each binder.  Just like all Hang-A-Plan binders, the General binder has a 10 year Guarantee.


To find a dealer in your area please visit: http://www.hang-a-plan.com/distributors.htm


About Hang-A-Plan:


Hang-A-Plan offers fast, easy efficient filing and storage of plans, drawing, charts, maps, graphics, oversized sheet A4-A0.


How it Works:

Loose sheets are grouped together and securely clamped within a Hang-A-Plan binder for storage on a space saving Trolley or Wall Rack. Each Binder will hold 1 -150 sheets of varying sizes within the full length aluminium clamp. Trolleys and Wall Racks provide clear and easy access to all the stored sheets. It is easy find an indexed binder, flip through the sheets and transport groups of sheets held within the binders.


Hang-A-Plan Benefits:

- Vertical filing saves up to 80% on floor space

- Faster filing, storage or retrieval of sheets

- Secure and carry groups of sheets on Binders

- Flip though sheets held in Binder like a book

- Keep sheets original, no rolling, folding, adding strips

- Hold multiple sheets sizes together in one binder

- Superior strength full length 3-part aluminium clamp

- File twice as fast with patented Quickfile Binders

- Portable trolleys can be moved around office and sites

- 10 Year Guarantee on all Binders




Hang-A-Plan is manufactured in Australia by Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd.


Ph: 03 9583 2254

Free Call:  1800 635 216

Arnos continues to innovate and release unique new office products.   The latest edition to the Arnos range is one of the most versatile sign holders available.  This single new product can replace up to 4 traditional sign holder product SKU’s.  The Swinga Sign Holder features a convertible design that can be used as a freestanding display in landscape or portrait orientations or a wall mounted landscape or portrait display.  Easily change desired use at any time with the snap on feet and wall hang tab or self-adhesive fixings.


The sign holder has a strong non-acrylic shatterproof frame with an anti-glare copy safe protective pocket.  The attractive frame helps signs stand out for improved visibility and the freestanding display is angled for better viewing.  The product is flat packed for easy transport and is made from 50% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.


Arnos Hang-A-Plan has just released a new compact 5 binders / clamp capacity Front Loader Wall Rack.  Perfect for small offices, the Hang-A-Plan Wall Rack 500 will store 500 or more plans and drawings.  The Wall Rack simply mounts to a stud wall or brick wall with three screws.   The Wall Rack comes supplied without binders and is compatible with Arnos Premium, Quickfile or General Front loader style binders.  Hang-A-Plan filing systems allow large amounts of plans and

drawings to be well organized and easily accessed using only a minimal amount of storage space.


Traditional lay flat letters sorters are very large, cumbersome and not suited for the modern office environment.  The new Arnos Eco-Tidy Letter Sorter finally offers an attractive and functional sorter and will easily fit on desks and counters because of its unique upright design that has a 70% smaller footprint.  The letter sorter has a strong weighted steel base with non-slip rubber feet and ridged plastic dividers made from 80% recycled plastic.  The dividers will sort and index documents from a-z, Jan-Dec, 01-31 and Sun-Mon.  The Eco-Tidy letter sorter is a compact sorting and filing solution for all offices.  Size: Footprint: 10 x 32cm WxD, Overall Size WxDxH: 16 x 55 x 12cm  

The new Arnos Eco-tidy range features stackable wide entry letter trays and a unique adjustable book rack that will stack on top of the letter trays.  Stacking the book rack on the letter trays is an excellent space saving solution and keeps all documents, papers, books and folders stored in one compact organiser.  


The bookrack has 10 divider positions and includes 6 wire dividers with extra dividers available in packs of 2.  The tough re-enforced base features a high backstop angled base, built in easy carry handles and non-slip rubber feet.  The matching letter tray also features an angled base, non-slip rubber feet and comes complete with 40mm risers for stacking with each other or the book rack, no extra parts required.


The range also includes a matching step file and desktop suspension file rack that are made from a combination of steel and recycled plastic.


The entire range is made from 80% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. All products are designed to be flat packed for substantial savings in shipping costs and storage space. 


Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. manufactures and custom brands a range of self-adhesive file fasteners.  Arnos Tubefast and LP Tubefast self-adhesive file fasteners are customised with your company logo molded into the clips and company details printed onto the self-adhesive base.  Packaging is also custom designed and printed with the option to choose the unique 100 pack box that is re-usable as an A4 box file.  The range of custom made fasteners are manufactured in Melbourne.  

Tubefast self-adhesive fasteners attach folders and allow the file to function like a self-expanding lever arch file.  The unique LP Tubefast model features a smooth low profile design, stronger compressor bar, easy to handle extra long 10 cm flexible tubes and increased capacity transfer u-piece. 

To receive a free quote on a custom order, or to find out more information please call Arnos on 1800 635 216, 03 9583 2254



Arnos Australia has introduced a new range of low cost economical Hang-A-Plan GENERAL Plan Binders or clamps for use with the popular range of Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and Wall Racks.  Hang-A-Plan GENERAL binders offer the same high quality Australian design and construction at unbeatable low prices.  The new binders have been developed to provide a more economical choice to budget conscious users without sacrificing on quality or strength.


GENERAL Binders feature a superior strength 3-part anodised aluminium clamp, strong re-enforced composite wing nuts, comfortable cantered carry handle and self-adhesive index labels.  The binders are available in two sizes, A1 (D100A) and A0 (D102A), are locally made in Melbourne, Australia and come with a 10 Year Warranty.


General Binders are compatible with all Existing Hang-A-Plan Premium and General Front loader Trolleys and Wall Racks.


What is Hang-A-Plan?

Hang-A-Plan Vertical Plan filing systems are recognised as one of the easiest and most efficient ways to organise and store plans and drawings.


When using a Hang-A-Plan system, your plans are easy to store, access, view, file, retrieve and transport.  Compared to flat storage systems, Hang-A-Plan will save 80% on floor space and will cut filing time by 75%.   Hang-A-Plan systems allow you to categorise and index groups of plans on binders that are stored vertically on easy access Front Loading Trolleys or Wall Racks. 



To find the closest Hang-A-Plan dealer, call Arnos on 03 9583 2254, free call 1800 635 216, or visit www.arnos.com.au and click on distributors.


Arnos has been manufacturing office products in Australia for over 65 years and continues to make a range of quality Australian Made products for the office.  Arnos has renewed its partnership with the Australian Made Campaign to display the highly recognizable Green and Gold Kangaroo Australian Made logo on the entire range of Australian made office products.  

The Australian Made logo indicates a sign of manufacturing quality and helps support the local economy by allowing people to instantly recognize and purchase a locally made product.   The logo can be found on the retail packaging of popular Arnos products including the Arnos No.3 Fastener, Flippa Visual Display Systems, Versa-tidy and Rack of Steel organisers, Tubefast file fasteners and Hang-A-Plan filing systems. 


The new Eco-tidy range designed by Arnos features space saving designs made from the combination of 80% recycled plastic and steel.  The range includes an Adjustable & Stackable Book Rack, Stackable Letter Trays, Step File, Suspension File Rack and Letter Sorter.   All items are flat packed for minimal carton sizes for savings on shipping and storage.

The Eco-tidy Book Rack features 6 adjustable wire dividers, built in carry handles, angled base, high backstop and strong grip rubber feet and has optional extra dividers.  Create a multi-functional space saving desk organiser by stacking the Book Rack on the matching Letter Trays. The wide entry Letter Trays also feature rubber feet and angled base and come with 40mm risers.

The attractive matching Eco-tidy Step Rack also uses strong wire dividers and features built in carry handles, and non slip rubber feet.

Keep frequently used files at your fingertips with the Eco-tidy Wire X File.  The innovative compact self supporting frame holds 10 foolscap or A4 size suspension files, has smooth wire runners, rubber feet and an easy carry design. 

The Eco-tidy Letter Sorter features a unique upright sorting design that has a 70% smaller footprint than traditional flat sorters.  Easily sort and index documents from a-z, Jan-Dec and 1-31.

The New Eco-tidy range is available through Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. and participating wholesalers nationally.